If you need a break from today’s too-serious world of parenting, you’re in the right place. Our culture is filled with voices that say you’d be the perfect parent if you just did more–ensured everybody in your house brushed and flossed, including your pets; drank eight glasses of water a day, adjusted for your body weight, the outside temperature, and your rate of activity; and created the perfect 3-D scrapbooks.

I’m here to say you are already an alpha parent, probably just right for your kids and your circumstances. I want to give you peace, simplify your life, increase your contentment, and make you laugh. Basically, I want this blog to be your daily refuge from the world’s stressors, so check this site over a cup of coffee as you start your day.

To explore my writings, check out the links above, and look for my columns in the Sunday Times of Northwest Indiana. If you’d like to subscribe to my postings, cursor down this page, and look to your right. And of course, feel welcome to e-mail me anytime at profrbailey@aol.com.

Why is this blog located at wormsoup.wordpress.com? Many years ago, I heard a quote attributed to Martin Luther: “God is in my worm soup.” Given that I’ve never seen anyone make the connection since, I bet it’s apocryphal, but I still totally dig the idea. I was talking with my Novel Writers Ink group, a gathering of local authors, when one of us expressed dismay she’d been too depressed to get any work done, which only  depressed her further. The next time we met, her work was startlingly better, much more so than if she’d progressed steadily, and she gained joyful insight into the profundity of life.

The point is, no matter how tough today is, you’ll probably look back in five years and realize God was with you all along, revealing his Creation to you even in your darker moments. So I wish you many blessings, and I hope you know you are blessed, even if you don’t feel it right now. (I hope you still believe me after you read this blog, considering you’ll soon learn my kids’  basic conversational repertoire consists of fart jokes.)

In this blog, you’ll learn what it’s like to have four kids in four years, the best part of Midwestern living, and what life is like for a modern pastor’s family in a church that likes to laugh. (I hope. For the record, my husband disavows all knowledge of my posts!) Obviously, I’m a survivalist/optimist, so if you don’t like the retro videos embedded into some site pages, don’t click the “play” button.

Anyway, hugs to you,

Rebecca E. Pfettscher Bailey


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