Americans, look no further for a bright hope for tomorrow. May I present your future secretary of state, ambassador to China, secretary general of the U.N., and oh yes, president? I figure my pets can be our first national mascots. They’ll be much easier to train than the bald eagle. Face it, people, you can’t put a princess Halloween costume on a bald eagle.

Josh is my second-oldest son. Here, he’s saying, “I’m Super Dan!”
Max didn’t dress up because he didn’t want to look silly. (He also likes to meow like a cat in public.)
My oldest son, Jake, displaying perfect gravitas.

Madeline's costume symbolizes her implicit protest against decentralized, dehumanized communication networks.

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. We’re not related to him; I just felt like including him.
Poor Piki is hiding because of all the excitement of our blog photo shoot.


Don't let the Halloween costume fool you. Bandit is too secure in his masculinity to worry about looking silly.


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