Cleopatra, the last pharoah of Egypt, loved milk baths to soften her skin. If it was good enough for her, it’s good enough for me, and considering how pricey some beauty treatments are, this one’s a blessing for busy women. Just pour about four cups of milk or buttermilk in your tub, and soak for about 20 minutes. You can add hot water as needed. The milk bath worked–my skin felt soooo soft–and I didn’t need to run to Sephora or shell out a paycheck!

I need to do about an hour of laundry daily to keep up. Usually, this is when I get to watch Dog the Bounty Hunter, so I normally enjoy the task. Yesterday, though, all that was on was Larry King Live–yikes! The Ghost of Christmas Future! Something had to change, so I started what I call the Laundry Spa. When What Not to Wear came on TV, I folded and put away five items of clothes. Then I moisturized myself, head to toe. After another five items, I flossed, brushed, and whitened. After another five, I painted my toenails. You should devise your own list based on your needs, but this was a great way to get the laundry done and feel I’ve done everything InStyle says I should do. 

I need to


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