Of course, Billie Holiday could make this cheery song uncheesy. Grab a cup of coffee or green tea, and have fun reading. Feel free to add your own tips below, in the comment section.

*Check out http://www.fragrantheart.com for free audio meditations–that’s what you’ll click on when you’re there. There’s one for kids, but I’ve found my kids will listen to all of them. Well–I listen to them with the kids before bed, and they usually fall asleep five minutes into a meditation.

Another tip for you parents of kids with insomnia–you or your child–is to take 1 to 2 milligrams of serotonin before bed. Me personally, I’m a fan of chamomile tea, as it’s also a way to increase my hydration.

*Go to your local Humane Society, and sign up to be a dog walker. When you know Fido looks forward to your daily exercise with all his heart, you sure as heck won’t let it slide.

*I don’t want to ruin a good thing for myself, but go to Jimmy Johns, and ask to buy their day-old bread. They’ll sell it to you for 50 cents, and nine times out of ten, they’ll throw in extra because the loaves will just go bad anyway. Once, I paid 5 cents per loaf for–let’s face it–the bread that makes eating there worthwhile.

*In summer, church members very kindly share the bumper crops from their garden with their pastor. When Andrew brings home 50 pounds of veggies at once, we’re hard pressed to use it all, but I hate to throw away such blessings. Consequently, I’ve learned ways to sneak those veggies to our four growing children, always a daunting task.

In the beginning of August, everybody harvests zucchini and squash, and those aren’t always your favorite veggies. Here’s some awesome ways to use them. Get your favorite brownie mix and a squash. Slice out the seeds of the squash, which you can then throw away, and feed the meat of the squash to a food processor/chopper, etc. Squeeze the squash dry, measure out a cup, and blend with the brownie mix. Truly, you cannot taste the squash. 

Our church choir director, Cheri Robbins, told me to mix zucchini into meatloaf. Yummy! I use ground turkey, because I can buy it on sale at $1 per pound at Meijer, in the freezer case beside the precooked sausage. Turkey is healthier than red meat, of course. In general, meatloaf is the awesomest entree, because it’s cheap, quick, and you can freeze it well in advance.

Don’t forget the old applesauce-instead-of-cooking-oil trick.

*I got this trick from InStyle, and it really works! Put olive oil on your face, and after about 20 minutes, blot the excess. It’ll look like you just got out of a facial. And of course, you can do this while you do laundry–hey, if you don’t have time or money to go to the spa, there’s nothing wrong with multitasking it into your workday.

*Discouraged because you never catch up on laundry? Thank goodness! Gracia Dudlicek, a member of our congregation who always has her act together, told me that she figures if she ever got all her laundry done, she wouldn’t have enough hangers or room in her closet for all the clothes.

*Buy premade crepes and supermarket rotisserie chicken, goat cheese, and Bosc pears. Roll up the mixture and microwave until warm–say, three minutes for six crepes? You’ve got a fancy-sounding meal that’s delicious and super easy to make!

*Wear an apron around the house. It’ll keep your clothes clean, and everyone will give you more respect as a domestic goddess. Even if you’ve got your feet up watching TV, everyone will assume you’ve been working like crazy the whole day!


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  1. Rebecca,
    As a mother of three, I found this article to be funny and informative. Funny, because I can identify with Gracia LOL 🙂 and informative because I’ve a couple of picky eaters when it comes to veggies. I’m looking forward to reading more articles!

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