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Folks, I was honored that the fabulous people at prettycity invited me to do a guest post.

In junior high, I was mercilessly bullied because I had acne and wore braces and glasses with near-coke-bottle lenses. It was torture just to walk on the bus or walk down the hall because of the cruel things kids would say to me. (They would bark, too. I mean–seriously?)

I was fortunate to undergo a dramatic physical transformation, but I still definitely believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel that way. Besides, as you know by now, I’m as girly girl as can be!

So, I’m excited about the mission of everybody at Check out my guest blog at, and look around while you’re there. I guarantee you’ll brighten your day!


About Rebecca Bailey

* Columnist, The Times of Northwest Indiana, for three years. * Professor for twelve years. * Mom of four teeny kids. * Voted "Most Dramatic," Castle Junior High School eighth grade, 1984. * Failed to diaper her first child before he projectile-pooped on the curtains. * Accidentally splattered her white Jack Russell Terrier with her red hair dye, which did not come out.

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