Mama’s aching tootsies


This is a picture of when the kids took me tent camping at Holiday World. Aren't they darling?

In my house, everybody has a job, including my kids. My duty is to nibble truffles. Jake fetches my chilled Evian, and Josh waves a palm frond over my fevered brow. Madeline gives me a French pedicure, and Max sings selections of sacred hymns–in Latin, of course.

As your facebook friends say, hahaha. Many caregivers I know are surprised by just how beat up they feel at day’s end. Their feet hurt from standing; they’re bruised from little elbows that poke arms or eyes. When I spent eight hours a day nursing my twins, my back constantly ached.

Jessica Anderson of Sole to Soul Healing feels your pain. The Schererville reflexologist has lots of tips to ease muscle soreness or stress–and she knows stress. Jessica works at the town police department, but perhaps more anxiety-inducing, she’s a soccer and basketball mom.

Anderson first recommends soaking your feet before bedtime in a hot, lavender Epsom salt bath. The lavender soothes and relaxes, and any pharmacy will carry the Epsom salts.

Anderson also advocated going for a nature walk. “Walking is a great stress reliever, and at the same time is meditation in motion,” she said.

She also advised moms to take advantage of naptimes and soak in a warm tub with a good read.

“Reflexology can be used on both the hands or the feet,” Jessica said. “Use the thumb in an inchworm-like movement firmly across the bottom of the hands or feet, which will hit the nerve endings of vital organs and glands.”

Of course, the spine reflex helped me; Jessica pressed the inside of my foot, from the heel to the big toe and back down again. I couldn’t believe how effective her work was. As she pressed my feet, I could actually feel tension leaving my back.

She also mentioned that infant massage helps quiet colicky babies. “The soothing touch helps to almost instantly calm children down and sometimes even helps to put them to sleep,” she added.

When the aforementioned Jake was born, I made a harp of gilded mahogany and played the tyke ancient Celtic lullabies (hahaha!). Really, though, I did take a class on infant massage. And OK, OK, I did play whale songs in the background.

I performed daily infant massage on all four kids, so I can definitely attest that parents feel more relaxed after giving Junior a good rubdown.

For the price of a dozen roses, Mom can get maybe the best Mother’s Day gift ever, and first-time clients get a grown-up treat bag to take home.

To book a session with Anderson, call her at 219-306-6033, or visit You can also facebook her at Sole to Soul Healing.


About Rebecca Bailey

* Columnist, The Times of Northwest Indiana, for three years. * Professor for twelve years. * Mom of four teeny kids. * Voted "Most Dramatic," Castle Junior High School eighth grade, 1984. * Failed to diaper her first child before he projectile-pooped on the curtains. * Accidentally splattered her white Jack Russell Terrier with her red hair dye, which did not come out.

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